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"The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!"

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Our tri-lingual live Chat support, 24/7 Call Center, Phone links direct to Catholic Ministries and their volunteers, Conference Calls, Live Translations, Webforms, Audio Transcripts, Online Meetings, etc., alongside some other human and "bot" services plus a powerful Apologetics Gate, are experimental under a Release Candidate, but not F.C. (feature complete). Feature Complete under normal operations expected to start gradually after December 25, 2024.

The "Truth Matter" free-access Apologetics' Gate-Hub, (see "Apologetics" menu-link on top), always free, is now available just starting with the "Called to Communion" priceless Q&A public library, a live "miracle" from the Holy Spirit in the life and legacy of Dr. David Anders. To be followed by a direct link to St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, The Bible Christian Society, The Catholic Answers, The Journey Home Network, The Work on Fire Ministry, and any other major source, even payable sources, that we will paid for, just to make it available here, always 100% free.
Chats, emails, and calls will be answered, replied to, or returned in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. French & Italian will be available as soon as their respective 24/7 schedule for bi-lingual speaking volunteers is complete.
Whenever you request to be transferred and join the US 24/7 LIVE prayer meeting (
in English only), your call will no longer be recorded, even if you have previously agreed to it (for quality and/or safety reasons, in our case).


In addition to our free 247CCC SMS*, other free text conversations and/or voice calls via Telegram*, WhatsApp*, 3CX*, Signal, Facebook-Messenger*, Discord, Apple Messages, Google Chat, Twitter D.M., Zoom*, Webex, Google Duo/Meet, Microsoft Teams and Slack are either available now(=*) on-demand, or will be gradually available upon request. You are welcome! We are looking forward for the opportunity to know and serve you as much as we can and as soon as possible.

Among many other personal and/or public free services, such as a 24/7 multilingual hotlines to prevent domestic violence, 24/7 suicide prevention, crisis pregnancy support line, collect calls from jails, etc., which will become (2024) gradually available after the end of the "Beta" phase (December 31 2023), we are already providing the following special kind of free personal reminder service:

To be developed under our "Zero Legal Liability" clause:  We are starting to test one of many integrations built into our Contact Center software that provide a precise geo time zone calendar, which will be used by our team of Servants (multi-lingual human talents) to make priceless courtesy calls to reminding and pray with some "Served to be" brothers and sisters regarding their next life-changing court hearings or deadlines, medical appointments, critical bills (such as heating oil during winters), job interviews and even friendly wake-up calls (i.e. Sunday Masses) also available automatically if the Served person prefer not to talk to anyone.

Customized and/or White-label faith-based Christian Community Services, if requested, consistent with our Mission Statement, "The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!" may be provided free of charge. In other words, several specialized, high-tech, multi-lingual, 24/7 telecommunication services to support non-profit organizations such as the St. Vincent de Paul -worldwide- Society, Prayer Groups, Knights of Columbus, Pro-life Pregnancy Centers, Parish Events,**Top Priority), Ecumenic Projects, "Escuelas de Evangelization San Andres", Church based Food Banks or Soup Kitchens, CancaoNova, etc. Not to mention the crucial need from our own internal, foundational, and interrelated Ministries such as the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the P.B.C.  among hundreds of other indirect Projects also conceived, established or under ongoing development by the [St.] Pope Paul VI Foundation, since 1975!
(**= Ready from day one according to the original ProjectTherefore, IF requested, "The Evangelization World Telecommunications Network" technology foundation is ready for an unconditional, permanent, white-label and customized service donation with or without additional technology grants and/or Institutional Board of Directors replacements, according to God's Will to be discerned in God's time.)

Message Form

A Healing "Hesikast" Relax Space-Moment 

For worthy, non-commercial licenses, please call and we will translate your conversation with the author, if necessary.

Some people may certainly call us simply seeking someone to talk to or pray with. However, if you just need to relax and be alone, perhaps to meditate or pray, here you have a very special gift from a dear missionary friend, in case you like free-style saxophone and clarinet-based instrumental music. If and when that's become your real need, here are some practical suggestions:

Close your door, get yourself very comfortable (perhaps after grabbing a cup of tea or a glass of wine), silence your phone, and dim the lights; if you are Catholic, keep a Rosary in your hand, and adjust the volume carefully to better "hear" what the Almighty God may have to say as you rest in His Mercy for a while. Like poems written by saints during their profound prayers, the "Hesikast" instrumental music is a rare "balsam" and anointed "wedge" for healing and inward stillness precisely because it was composed or interpreted in the presence of God, for that purpose.

Our Apologetics App Gate is finally online, below, at the next block, after several years of work.

The "Truth Matters" free-access Apologetics' Gate-Hub ( ), always free, is now available just starting with the priceless "Called to Communion" public EWTN audio library, an ongoing live "miracle" from the Holy Spirit in the life and legacy of Dr. David Anders which, to make it really useful worldwide, already costed us over 3 and a half years of highly strategic technology work and about one hundred thousand dollars -so far- to convert, extract, classify, transcribe (99.7% accuracy), therefore creating 30,107 thousands individual "combo" podcasts (downloadable single Q&As under audio+text: 30,107 x 2 = over 60 thousand digi-files.), including its matching files to becoming auto-translatable "on-the-fly" in other languages, plus an internal mini-glossary for each needed Q&A.
In other words, a gigantic public service undertaking, already in its final development phase, granted 100% free!

To be followed ASAP by a custom built-in supported link or at least a direct link into the incomparable St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, The Bible Christian Society free digital resources, The Catholic Answers marvelous web platform, The Journey Home [epic] Network [of courageous souls], The Word on Fire Ministry, our beloved on-demand (obviously), the profound genius from The Chesterton Society and any other major similar digital source, even some payable sources (such as the "Women of Grace" priceless archive) that we will try to negotiate and paid for, just to make also their best possible copyrighted content freely available here. Please pray for and share our Apologetics' App direct-link, since it can be used as a standalone App in any smartphone: Millions of people desperately need to enlighten their lives and many even search for it during several years, but do not find sufficiently clear, comprehensive and credible truthful sources of Christian Wisdom to really make a lifetime difference. To clearly understand why quality Apologetics is so critically and strategically important for the future of Humanity, just listen to this shorted talk from John Martignoni, the founder of The Bible Christian Society.

Please subscribe to get up-to-date information about volunteer opportunities, employment opportunities, and other ways you may be able to help or receive services. Currently, the "Evangelization World Telecommunication Network" is hiring devout practicing Catholics to work part-time from anywhere, but especially from the Philippines, Mexico, Canada and Brazil. Just keep in mind that we are a non-profit Catholic religious Institution, not a commercial business, and that hiring preferences, bonus and priorities will be granted to current and future volunteers, particularly bilingual ones and "half & half" applicants (50% billable time). Let's remember Saint Pope Paul VI (our real Founder) heartfelt appeal, encouraging and pleading for "Christ's Light not be allowed to grow dim through distraction or sophistication, through the confusion of materialism or the false promises of pleasure. And to the message of faith add that of joyful hope: God is with us and there is no strength equal to His strength, no power equal to His power, no promise equal to His promise. That which He asks of us may be difficult and demanding; but the yoke and the burden are rendered sweet by the gentle Christ, the powerful Christ, the understanding and sustaining Saviour of his People." (Paul VI, Nov3,1972 - Vatican).

Your email address will be encrypted*, kept secure and used very carefully, likely no more than once a month, if relevant also for you. In addition, the one-click internal unsubscription link, at the bottom of each message will be bold, real, instantaneous, under no questions, and without further login requirements.
*(As well as your -eventually provided- personal information, out off a deep respect for your privacy. For us, mutual respect is imperative and non-negotiable.)


"As an evangelizer, Christ first of all proclaims a Kingdom, the Kingdom of God; and this is so important that, by comparison, everything else becomes 'the rest', which is 'given in addition'. Only this Kingdom, therefore, is absolute; and it makes everything else, relative." (Saint Pope Paul VI, "Evangelii Nuntiandi"). Paul VI also taught, insistently, but was largely ignored, that "the best way to abundantly bless and even predict the future is to build it ourselves, courageously, under God's Plan, not men's ideologies." As a practical illustration that should be strongly imitated, let's imagine his courageous obedience to write and promulgate the 'Humanae Vitae' encyclical against enormous worldwide pressures that, to this very day, are still furiously attacked and undermined by all sorts of evil spirits and their human allies. To better understand the enduring invaluable consequences of his courageous obedience to God's Plan, let's see it's long-term implications and what is at  stake here, perhaps the very foundation of Human Civilization: More then ever now, "they" attack and undermine the root for the current "Pro-Life/Pro-Family/Pro-Faith" worldwide Movement, precisely because Saint Paul VI reiterated not only a sound Christian doctrine but also the Natural Law, boldly declaring that all Human Life (not animal lives) is inviolable from conception until natural death; and that human sexuality is sacred, and should never becoming a kind of game/sport to be promoted by the use of artificial contraceptives, because it would soon degrade women's dignity into slaves or sex toys, at the same time escalating murder by abortion (now called "health care") at unimaginable levels, among other terrible crimes -as well- against humanity, such as genetic manipulations, etc. How prophetic!

Our Mission and determination, therefore, are not only about making a positive difference in other people's lives, but making an strategic difference and, at the same time, trying to scale it up to as many lives (open to it) as possible because, for us, "The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!" (P.Paul VI Foundation's Mission Statement).

In regard to the roots of The "Evangelization World Telecommunications Network,"
 and for being a 24/7 not-for-profit Digital Technology Platform entirely granted by the Pope Paul VI Foundation for the free service of all, we are honored to share here (below, under "read more"), in the homiletic words of our Patron and now Saint Pope Paul VI, a written synthesis which, together with his "Evangelii Nuntiandi" masterpiece (linked after "read more") deeply reveals the main reason for our Passion, the main source for our Mission, the main Hope for our Future, and the main guiding-doctrine for our irrevocably faithful Commitment: READ MORE...

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